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Makena Will Spoil You

Located on the southern coast of Maui, just passed Wailea sits the resort community of Makena, commonly viewed as one of the most coveted and most appealing places to live in the world! It's easy to understand why: year round sun, 80+ degrees on the regular, ample privacy, and a sterling reputation as one of the best beachfront communities in Hawaii. It isn't unrealistic to say that from anywhere in Makena the beach is not more than two minutes away. When you buy into Makena, the proximity to beach is what you're paying for along with the Wailea-Makena distinction. In comparison to Wailea, Makena is viewed as a more exclusive, pricey, and undeveloped lifestyle. Your neighbors aren't on top of you, CC&R restrictions along with the Wailea community association do not force you to follow certain rules and there are less estates spread out over more land. If you're willing to pay the price, the Makena Lifestyle is worth indulging in. 

Makena: It's a lifestyle

If you're lucky enough to call Makena home, it's the lifestyle that probably convinced you. It may not necessarily be the big things that sell you because it's the little details that you can't find anywhere else that defines Makena elegance. It's walking out onto your lanai overlooking ocean with your morning cup of coffee and enjoying Makena's natural beauty: the sound of the gentle crash of ocean waves, the light sea breeze, the cool warmth of Makena mornings, and an overwhelming sensation of relaxation.

From the moment you arrive in Makena, the charms and luxuries are an alluring site; the panoramic ocean views and island landscapes are enough to hypnotize you on sight. From kayaking to surfing, whale-watching to snorkeling, you’ll have your hands full with water entertainment. The finest in dining, entertainment, and shopping also await your beck and call. But, wait, there’s more. Some of the best golf in the world is to be had here at the Makena Beach and Golf Resort. So grab your clubs and come show us what you can do. Fore!

Makena Is Ready To Be Your Home

Whether you’re a home buyer or a home seller looking to list their property in Makena, contact us and let’s get started. The Sayles Team is here to work with you to exceed your expectations.

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