Kihei Alii Kai

2387 South Kihei Road

Key Facts

Building & Units

  • Year Built 1979
  • Number of Buildings 3
  • Number of Floors 4
  • Number of Units 127
  • Min - Max Price $500,000 - $700,000
  • Maintenance Fee $519.00 - $739.00



  • Location Inland
  • Area (neighborhood) Kihei
  • Region (area) South Maui


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Introduction to Kihei Alii Kai

Kihei Alii Kai offers a convenient location that's just a quick walk across the street from the ocean. The community is only about 400 feet away from the water at Kamaole Beach Park I, visitors always have access to one of the most popular beaches in Kihei. The many amenities available to visitors at Kihei Ali’i Kai include a swimming pool Jacuzzi spa, sauna, clubhouse, tennis courts, BBQ area, covered parking, and a washer and dryer in each unit. The Dolphin Plaza is located in front of Kihei Alii Kai and offers several dining options including Maui Fish'n Chips and Maui's famous Koiso Sushi Bar.

The design of the complex, encourages owners and visitors to take advantage of the complex's outdoor space. The two large BBQ areas are the perfect place to relax; one grill area is next to the tennis courts and the second is at the complex pool area, tables and chairs are also available for use. 

Kihei Alii Kai condo sales in 2021

  • Number of units sold: 7 (same as 2020)
  • Average sales price: $527,857 (up from $427,000 in 2020)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $718.63 (up from $610.00 in 2020)

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Kihei Alii Kai condo sales in 2020

  • Number of units sold: 7 (up from 5 in 2019)
  • Average sales price: $427,000 (down from $578,600 in 2019)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $610.00 (up from $721.46 in 2019)

Kihei Alii Kai condo sales in 2019

  • Number of units sold: 5 (same as 2018)
  • Average sales price: $578,600 (up from $424,800 in 2018)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $721.46 (up from $566.19 in 2018)

Kihei Alii Kai condo sales in 2018

  • Number of units sold: 5 (down from 8 in 2017)
  • Average sales price: $424,800 (up from $377,125 in 2017)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $566.19 (up from $538.75 in 2017)

Kihei Alii Kai condo sales in 2017

  • Number of units sold: 8 (up from 4 in 2016)
  • Average sales price: $377,125 (down from $384,250 in 2016)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $538.75 (up from $470.90 in 2016)

Kihei Alii Kai condo sales in 2016

  • Number of units sold: 4 (down from 5 in 2015)
  • Average sales price: $384,250 (up from $417,500 in 2015)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $470.90 (down from $570.08 in 2015)

Kihei Alii Kai condo sales in 2015

  • Number of units sold: 5 (down from 8 in 2014)
  • Average sales price: $417,500 (up from $395,437 in 2014)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $570.08 (up from $$540.88 in 2014)

Kihei Alii Kai maintenance fees

The monthly maintenance fees (called Strata fees by Canadians) for Kihei Alii Kai varies depending on the size of the unit. Below are some approximate monthly fees based on information collected from Kihei Alii Kai units for sale.

Approximate maintenance fees:

1BR/1BA units - $410 to $490 per month
2BR/1BA units - $485 per month
2BR/2BA units - $550 to $645 per month

Can I vacation rent a Kihei Alii Kai condo?

Kihei Alii Kai condominiums can be rented on a short term basis (officially called a "transient vacation rental" by Maui County). A majority of the units are run through VRBO, while others are managed through private third parties or the owner's themselves manage the unit.

How many units are there at Kihei Alii Kai?

There are a total of 127 condo units at Kihei Alii Kai, 107 of which are one bed units while the remaining 20 are two bedroom units; the units are contained in 3 four-story buildings. 

How large are Kihei Alii Kai units?

Two floor plans are available at this complex: one-bedroom units have one bath and are 700 square feet and two bedrooms and two baths with an interior living space of 945 square feet. However, some of the two bed units can be considered a three bed unit if the loft is used as a third bedroom. 

Kihei Alii Kai vacation rentals

There are about 60 or so units available for rent on VRBO sites and prices vary depending on location in the resort, floor level and quality of the unit. 

Note: the third bedroom in the the three bed units is actually a loft.

Rental rates for Kihei Alii Kai:

1BR/1BA units - starting from $95/night up to $239/night
2BR/1BA units - starting from $130/night up to $175/night
2BR/2BA units - starting from $180/night up to $217/night
3BR/2BA units - starting from $210/night up to $310/night 

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