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All the townhomes at Kai Malu have spacious 2-car garages and many of the homes have private pools. 

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Key Facts

Building & Units

  • Year Built 2007
  • Number of Buildings 75
  • Number of Floors 2
  • Number of Units 150
  • Min - Max Price $1,300,000 - $2,200,000
  • Maintenance Fee $928.00 - $1,360.00


  • Fitness Center Yes
  • Pool Yes
  • Gated Entry Yes
  • Tennis Court No


  • Location Inland
  • Area (neighborhood) Wailea
  • Region (area) South Maui


  • Pets Yes
  • Vacation Rentals No

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Kai Malu at Wailea

Built out in 2007, Kai Malu is one of Wailea’s newest and most highly sought after gated communities. The neighborhood consists of 75 duplexes, with 150 residential style homes in total. The entire property sits on approximately 25 acres, located right in the heart of the Old Wailea Blue Golf Corse. The 6th, 7th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th holes directly surround this beautiful property. Due to the vastness of the neighborhood, views change dramatically from townhome to townhome. There are 45- 3 bedroom/2.5 bath units which consist of 1796 sq. ft, and 105- 3 bedroom/2.5 bath units, which consist of 1852 interior sq. ft. Approximately 1/3 of the townhomes feature a “reverse floor plan” with the Master Bedroom incorporated of the first story of the home. Short-term vacation rentals are not permitted, so more long-term Maui residents live at Kai Malu. Pets are allowed on property

On-site amenities at Kai Malu include one of the most impressive pool facilities on the entire island: A jaw dropping 75 ft infinity edge oasis with unbelievable views of the 1500 acre Wailea Resort. Next to the BBQ and spacious pavilion area is a state of the art fitness facility.

Experience listing selling at Kai Malu

The Sayles Team has recent experience helping clients buy and sell condos at Kai Malu in Wailea. Whether you a looking to sell your Kai Malu condo or doing research before making a purchase, The Sayles Team has first hand expertise to help you. Below are highlights of our sales achievements at Kai Malu.

Kai Malu condo sales in 2022

  • Number of units sold: 7 (down from 21 sales in 2021)
  • Average sales price: $2,274,143 (up from $1,617,576 in 2021)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $1,243.29 (up from $898.28 in 2021)

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Kai Malu condo sales in 2021

  • Number of units sold: 21 (up from 5 sales in 2020)
  • Average sales price: $1,617,576 (down from $1,631,000 in 2020)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $898.28 (down from $902.24 in 2020)

Kai Malu condo sales in 2020

  • Number of units sold: 5 (down from 17 sales in 2019)
  • Average sales price: $1,631,000 (up from $1,483,76 in 2019)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $902.24 (up from $818.75 in 2019)

Kai Malu condo sales in 2019

  • Number of units sold: 17 (down from 12 sales in 2018)
  • Average sales price: $1,483,76 (down from $1,497,375 in 2018)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $818.75 (down from $825.56 in 2018)

Kai Malu condo sales in 2018

  • Number of units sold: 12 (down from 13 sales in 2017)
  • Average sales price: $1,497,375 (up from $1,345,000 in 2017)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $825.56 (up from $739.69 in 2017)

Kai Malu condo sales in 2017

  • Number of units sold: 13 (down from 15 sales in 2016)
  • Average sales price: $1,345,000 (up from $1,327,067 in 2016)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $739.69 (up from $734.44 in 2016)

Kai Malu condo sales in 2016

  • Number of units sold: 15 (up from 10 sales in 2015)
  • Average sales price: $1,327,067 (down from $1,405,588 in 2015)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $734.44 (down from $770.03 in 2015)

Kai Malu condo sales in 2015

  • Number of units sold: 10 (down from 12 sales in 2014)
  • Average sales price: $1,405,588 (up from $1,271,699  in 2014)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $770.03 (up from $698.58 in 2014)

Kai Malu condo sales in 2014

  • Number of units sold: 12 (down from 23 sales in 2013)
  • Average sales price: $1,271,699 (up from $1,258,935 in 2013)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $698.58 (up from $697.34 in 2013)

Kai Malu maintenance fees

The monthly maintenance fees (called Strata fees by Canadians) for Kai Malu varies depending on the size of the unit. Below are some approximate monthly fees based on information collected from Kai Malu units for sale.

Approximate maintenance fees:

3BR/2.5BA units - $705 to $1305 per month 

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