Kihei Akahi

2531 South Kihei Road

Key Facts

Building & Units

  • Year Built 1977
  • Number of Buildings 4
  • Number of Floors 7
  • Number of Units 240
  • Min - Max Price $500,000 - $915,000
  • Maintenance Fee $356.00 - $643.00


  • Fitness Center no
  • Pool yes
  • Gated Entry no
  • Tennis Court yes


  • Location Across the street from Ocean
  • Area (neighborhood) Kihei
  • Region (area) South Maui


  • Pets No
  • Vacation Rentals Yes

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Introduction to Kihei Akahi

If there is one selling point about this complex, it's its location. Kihei Akahi is an awesome location for its price point and boasts some very tastefully remodeled units. Sitting directly across the street from one of South Maui's most favored beaches, Kamaole Beach Park 2, the complex takes advantage of some prime real estate. The condos here are known for their option to be rented as short term vacation rentals, it is a very attractive investment because of the monthly rental income and speculated appreciation of the unit (since the turn of the decade, price per square feet has been on a steady upward trend). A five minute walk down the road is the heart beat of Kihei providing a sleuth of dining and shopping options available.

Experience listing and selling at Kihei Akahi

The Sayles Team has recent experience helping clients buy and sell condos at Kihei Akahi. Whether you a looking to sell your Kihei Akahi condo or doing research before making a purchase, The Sayles Team has first hand expertise to help you. Below are highlights of our sales achievements at Kihei Akahi.

Kihei Akahi condo sales in 2021

  • Number of units sold: 16(up from 11 in 2020)
  • Average sales price: $592,000 (up from $448,627 in 2020)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $852.60 (up from $704.69 in 2020)

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Kihei Akahi condo sales in 2020

  • Number of units sold: 11(down from 14 in 2019)
  • Average sales price: $448,627 (down from $467,621 in 2019)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $704.69 (up from $672.36 in 2019)

Kihei Akahi condo sales in 2019

  • Number of units sold: 14(same 2018)
  • Average sales price: $467,621 (up from $426,371 in 2018)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $672.36 (up from $648.30 in 2018)

Kihei Akahi condo sales in 2018

  • Number of units sold: 14(down from 18 in 2017)
  • Average sales price: $426,371 (up from $378,357 in 2017)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $648.30 (up from $544.01 in 2017)

Kihei Akahi condo sales in 2017

  • Number of units sold: 18(up from 12 in 2016)
  • Average sales price: $378,357 (up from $365,166 in 2016)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $544.01 (down from $522.95 in 2016)

Kihei Akahi condo sales in 2016

  • Number of units sold: 12 (up from 9 in 2015)
  • Average sales price: $365,166 (down from $397,000 in 2015)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $522.95 (down from $549.78 in 2015)

Kihei Akahi condo sales in 2015

  • Number of units sold: (up from 8 in 2014)
  • Average sales price: $397,000 (up from $317,250 in 2014)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $549.78 (up from $498.04 in 2014)

Kihei Akahi condo sales in 2014

  • Number of units sold: (down from 14 in 2013)
  • Average sales price: $317,250 (down from 326,071 in 2013)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $498.04 (up from $493.51 in 2013)

Kihei Akahi maintenance fees

The monthly maintenance fees (called Strata fees by Canadians) for Kihei Akahi varies depending on the size of the unit. Gathered from sales data, the approximate monthly maintenance fees varies widely from unit to unit because of the various sized units.

Approximate maintenance fees:

Studio units - $305 to $340 per month
1BR/1BA units - $391 to $562 per month
2BR/2BA units - $645 to $725 per month

Can I vacation rent a Kihei Akahi condo?

Kihei Akahi condominiums can be rented on a short term basis (officially called a "transient vacation rental" by Maui County). There are about 140 units available for rent on VRBO alone, other owners may choose to run their units independently or through other third party facilitators. However, it's safe to say at least half of the units are in some type of rental program. Rental prices vary depending on location in the resort, floor level and quality of the unit. 

Rental rates for Kihei Akahi:

Studio units - starting from $80/night up to $110/night
1BR/1BA units - starting from $110/night up to $170/night
2BR/2BA units - starting from $170/night up to $290/night

How many units are there at Kihei Akahi?

There are a total of 240 condo units at Kihei Akahi spread out over 6.7 acres. A total of four buildings house the units with two of them being on the larger side (above 5 stories) and two medium sized buildings. The complex is designed efficiently to maximize space while keeping everything in a manageable walking distance. 

How large are Kihei Akahi units?

At Kihei Akahi there are three general floor plans that are available to buyers. However, over the years some upgrades and renovations have been made, so there are a little discrepancies from unit to unit. The smallest offering is 429 square foot studio that is actually a decent size. The medium sized units are made up of one bed and one with around 650-700 square feet. The biggest unit is two beds and two baths spanning a range of 880-1200 square feet. 

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