Kai Ani Village

1367 South Kihei Road

Key Facts

Building & Units

  • Year Built 2010
  • Number of Buildings 15
  • Number of Floors 2
  • Number of Units 99
  • Min - Max Price $600,000 - $1,100,000
  • Maintenance Fee $322.00 - $705.00


  • Fitness Center No
  • Pool Yes
  • Gated Entry No
  • Tennis Court No


  • Location Inland
  • Area (neighborhood) Kihei
  • Region (area) South Maui


  • Pets Yes
  • Vacation Rentals No

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Introduction to Kai Ani Village

Kai Ani Village is a unique and charming condominium community bordering South Kihei Road and is located perfectly to take advantage of the surrounding shopping centers, beach access, and all around South Maui lifestyle. 80% of the community consists of units that are townhome-stlye condos while the remaining are live/work residences. The complex is a mix use area and provides an active lifestyle to residents while offering the relaxation and ease of a traditional condo community. 

Kai Ani Village condo sales in 2022

  • Number of units sold: 7 (down from 10 in 2021)
  • Average sales price: $954,000 (up from $777,780 in 2021)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $809.62 (up from $570.70 in 2021)

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Kai Ani Village condo sales in 2021

  • Number of units sold: 10 (down from 8 in 2020)
  • Average sales price: $777,780 (up from $686,637 in 2020)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $570.70 (down from $539.19 in 2020)

Kai Ani Village condo sales in 2020

  • Number of units sold: 8 (down from 12 in 2019)
  • Average sales price: $686,637 (up from $652,008 in 2019)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $539.19 (down from $546.95 in 2018)

Kai Ani Village condo sales in 2019

  • Number of units sold: 12 (up from 5 in 2018)
  • Average sales price: $652,008 (up from $627,980 in 2018)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $546.95 (up from $510.84 in 2018)

Kai Ani Village condo sales in 2018

  • Number of units sold: 5 (down from 13 in 2017)
  • Average sales price: $627,980 (up from $579,808 in 2017)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $510.84 (up from $461.81 in 2017)

Kai Ani Village condo sales in 2017

  • Number of units sold: 13 (up from 6 in 2016)
  • Average sales price: $579,808 (up from $561,733 in 2016)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $461.81 (up from $475.91 in 2016)

Kai Ani Village condo sales in 2016

  • Number of units sold: 6 (down from 10 in 2015)
  • Average sales price: $561,733 (up from $505,900 in 2015)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $475.91 (up from $370.71 in 2015)

Kai Ani Village condo sales in 2015

  • Number of units sold: 10 (down from 19 in 2014)
  • Average sales price: $505,900 (down from $548,094 in 2014)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $370.71 (down from $388.17 in 2014)

Kai Ani Village maintenance fees

The monthly maintenance fees (called Strata fees by Canadians) for Kai Ani Village varies depending on the size of the unit. Below are some approximate monthly fees based on information collected from Kai Ani Village units for sale.

Approximate maintenance fees:

2BR/2BA units - $250 to $350 per month
2BR/4BA units - $500 to $630 per month
3BR/2.5BA units - $390 per month 

Can I vacation rent a Kai Ani Village condo?

Kai Ani Village on South Kihei Road is designed to be a mix use community for long term residents. So no, the units cannot be rented on a short term vacation rental basis. 

How many units are there at Kai Ani Village?

In total, there are a total of 99 condo units at Kai Ani Village. There are 15 building clusters spread out on 6.5 acres of land, some of the buildings bordering South Kihei Road have the first floor units rented out as commercial space.

How large are Kai Anu Village units?

In general, the units at Kai Ani Village are two bedrooms and two baths with some floor plans offering half baths that complicate the bathroom count. There are 6 different floor plans that are recognize in the public report, some units offer a loft setting while others offer a upstairs and a downstairs. Units can range from 886- 1901 square feet.  

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