Keonekai Heights

Kihei, South Maui

Key Facts

Neighborhood Info

  • Region South Maui
  • Area Kihei
  • Average Land Area 0.18 Acres
  • Min – Max Price $700,000 – $1,360,000
  • House Sqft Range 1,140 – 2,736

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Keonekai Heights is a Kihei subdivision that was developed in the late 1980's. Homes in the neighborhood were built in phases starting in 1987 and 1988. The last few homes were build in 1995 and 1996.

Experience and selling at Keonekai Heights

The Sayles Team has experience helping clients buy and sell homes in Keonekai Heights. Whether you a looking to sell your Keonekai Heights home or doing research before making a purchase, The Sayles Team has first hand expertise to help you. Below are highlights of our sales achievements at Keonekai Heights.

Where is Keonekai Heights located?

This neighborhood is located in South Kihei in the same general area as the Maui Banyan and Haleakala Shores condominiums and Kamaole Beach Park I. 

How much does it cost to buy a home in Keonekei Heights?

The 2021 prices at Keonekai Heights range from $1,100,000 to $1,400,000. Location in the neighborhood and the house floorplan (one-story vs two-story) will make a big difference when it comes to sales price.

2021 home sales in Keonekai Heights

  • Number of homes sold: 6 (down from 7 in 2020)
  • Average sales price: $1,160,166 (up from from $933,500 in 2020)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $517.64 (up from $501.75 in 2020)

2020 home sales in Keonekai Heights

  • Number of homes sold: 7 (up from 6 in 2019)
  • Average sales price: $933,500 (down from from $1,006,666 in 2019)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $501.75 (up from $440.41 in 2019)

2019 home sales in Keonekai Heights

  • Number of homes sold: 6 (up from 3 in 2018)
  • Average sales price: $1,006,666 (up from from $738,845 in 2018)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $440.41 (up from $419.37 in 2018)

2018 home sales in Keonekai Heights

  • Number of homes sold: 3 (down from 9 in 2017)
  • Average sales price: $738,845 (down from from $771,433 in 2017)
  • Average sales price per square foot: $419.37 (down from $433.48 in 2017)

Single-level homes at Keonekai Heights

There are only 28 homes one-story homes in Keonekai Heights ranging in size from 1,200 square feet to as large as 2,700 square feet.

Two-story homes at Keonekai Heights

There are 88 homes in Keonekai Heights that are two-story ranging in size from 1,632 square feet to about 3,892 square feet.

Are there properties in Keonekai Heights that have cottages

Yes, but only about 20 homes in the neighborhood of Keonekai Heights include detached cottages. The cottages tend to be small and average 500 square feet of living area.

Keonekai Heights lot sizes

The land area of properties in Keonekai Heights ranges from about 0.17 acres (7,586 sqft.) to 0.33 acres (14,345 sqft.).

Streets within Keonekai Heights

  • Omiko Place
  • Mikoi Place
  • Omaka Place
  • Luanaiki Place
  • Kamakoi Place
  • Iliwai Loop
  • Hunakai Street
  • Alaku Place

Keonekai Heights Neighborhood map

Here is a map showing the Keonekai Heights neighborhood map with a special marker indicating properties that have detached cottages.

keonekai heights neighborhood map

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