South Maui

South Maui offers a wide range of housing choices and easy access to the most extensive retail and dining options. Areas include KiheiWailea, and Makena and Maalaea.

South Maui Key Features

Map of South Maui

The South Maui region covers approximately 37.6 square miles and includes the areas of Maalaea (to a degree), Kihei, Maui MeadowsWailea, and Makena.

The Coast of South Maui

This area of Maui is frequently referred to as South Shore Maui. This region covers 17+ miles of shoreline with a significant number of public beach parks that are popular with residents.


Based on statistics from 2009, the entire region of South Maui has an approximate population of 22,874. Below is a breakdown of population by specific areas of South Maui.


Population: 16,749

Sq Mi: 10.2


Population: 16,749

Sq Mi: 10.2

Wailea & Makena

Population: 5,671

Sq Mi: 22.6

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